Hi, my name is JP.  My wife and I run this small business together full time. We've documented over 200 weddings across the United States and abroad. We're honored by the families that trust us to document such a wonderful chapter in their lives. 

I believe that everyone has something to share, between themselves, with their love ones, and with the world. I simply try to capture a glimpse of a single chapter of their lives – a chapter of connection and the attractive side of the human experience.

If I were to describe my style,  the words that comes to mind is fine-art. My goal at every wedding or event is to use a documentary and artistic style to capture and tell a beautiful story in the most honest and creative way possible. Anticipating from a distance, I observe everything unobtrusively as it unfolds naturally. This allows me to play the part of a historian of memories while providing images that reflect your unique story. A story made up of genuine moments and carefully planned details. A story that will be shared by future generations. A story that will last forever photography is more than just capturing beautiful moments.

People are more than just clients hiring me for an important project. My Clients are individuals with dreams, hopes, desires, and stories. My work is a means by which I develop a set of comprehensive imagery that documents all the moments worth remembering. I bear testimony to what makes us human – love. My name is JP and I am taking projects all over the world.

Our business is centered on building lasting relationships with my clients and merging my vision with their dream.

I often get asked why Blue Palm and what does it mean. It simply means planting an image of love in the hearts of others. Thank you very much for viewing my work and taking the time to be here.

Here are a few snapshots of what life looks like for us

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We live in Washington, DC with our son Mathew and our dog Blue. 


JP & Tania Liriano