2015 Standard Coverage is $2500

Well equipped packages begin at $3500

You may notice we feature entire weddings in our BLOG, instead of a collection of random photos. We do this for two reasons. 

Firstly, anyone can shoot a handful of great images over a couple years and put them in a portfolio. We want to show you a complete body of work. We think it's more honest. 
Secondly, we want you to see weddings the way we do...as a narrative. 

What we love the most about our day to day work is creating new relationships with clients. Each couple you see on our website or blog has become a part of our story. Not to mention, we've been there, up close and personal, for some pretty big moments in their lives. That is a great gift. 



I'm sure you have questions.Here are a few we often get...

Q : Do you accept credit cards?A : Yep, we take all major credit cards. All our clients have a secure online account where all payments can easily be made.

Q : What should we wear for our engagement session?A : Wear something comfortable. Try soft colors and patterns, instead of dark & contrasting. It's more flattering on skin tones.

Q : What kind of cameras do you use, film or digital?A : I shoot all top of the line Canon and Nikon camera bodies and lenses.

Q : Do you have backup equipment?A : Of course! I bring at least 2 of everything and enough spare batteries to power a small city.

Q : Do you shoot weddings alone?A : Depending on the level of investment, I will bring my assistant and second photographer to every wedding.

Q : How many photos do you shoot at a wedding, how many do we get to keep?A : Each wedding varies, but we typically deliver the best 300-800 photos.

Q : How many black and white photos will we get?A : About 10% of the entire body of images will be black and white. I love color but sometimes moments are more powerful when presented without color.

Q : Do you retouch your photos?A : We're more concerned with whats going on "in" the photo that what we can do "to" the photo. Our stance on photoshop...less is more. We want you to have a timeless, natural, artistic story of your wedding. All the photos that you'll receive on your disc or usb will be completely edited to have a consistent, natural look.

Q : Can you make everything black and white but the flowers in color?A : No, sorry.

Q : When will our photos be ready?A : You'll have a slideshow to show off within 2 weeks, an online gallery and a disc of images within 2 weeks. (Thats less than half the time of the industry standard turn around time btw)

Q : How do you store our images and for how long?A : We have multiple automated backup drives that guard your photos with their life. We'll keep your images safe and sound on our hard drives for 6 months after we deliver the disc. We suggest keeping a copy on a hard drive or flash drive in a safety deposit box.

Q : Should the bride and groom see each other before the wedding?A : In short, yes. Heres the long answer....Back in the day, people thought that if the groom saw the bride before the wedding, he'd have a chance to run away if she was ugly. Although there are many years of tradition behind this, it's not really an issue these days. Seeing one another before the ceremony gives the bride and groom a chance to chat, flirt and take in the moment. We also have the chance to do all your photographs before the ceremony so that you or your guests don't have to wait around afterwards.

From a photography standpoint, seeing one another before the ceremony is invaluable. We'll be able to use all natural light and make a relaxed timeline for the day. This keeps everyone involved less stressed and allows the bride and groom actually enjoy the wedding day.

Here's how we handle the first sight...Once the bride and groom are ready, we find a secluded spot with good light and set up a meeting. We always make sure those moments are protected by privacy. Your photographer will be the only person around during your first sight and he'll be shooting from afar, capturing the emotions and details of the moment. You'll have as much time as you'd like to talk, cry, kiss, flirt and admire one another's beauty. Immediately after that, while the both you are still giddy, we go right into the bride and groom portrait session to make creative, images full of life! It's great fun!